Fun – Progress – Sharing

It is always a pleasure to meet hairdressers who share my passion and love for the profession. At first I asked hairdressers to propose a model for a cut whose design and build-up were predetermined. The challenge was to make a proposal for a cut outside their comfort zone, in compliance with this point of departure. They did this. They were given the opportunity to test different Line-Scissors scissors, more specifically the INDIGO LS-02 and the LS-02T from the Step-in collection, the LS-03 CURVE from the Pro collection and the LS-05 FINGERDROP from the Excellent collection. The purpose of these meetings was to (re) discover the techniques that can be perfected with our professional and efficient hairdressing scissors.

Comment ce projet est-il perçu ?

Encore mille merci pour ce cours et pour ta disposition. Je crois que ça fait du bien à mon équipe !!!

EnzoResponsable du salon Incognito